Welcome to Rome, the eternal city! Millions follow the roads to rome every year. Take a walk through the heart of ancient Rome while one of our expert guides tells the story of the Roman Monarchy, Republic, and Empire. From the birth to the fall, you will hear it all!

  • Enjoy one of most beautiful views of Rome from the Aventine Hill
  • Visit the ancient Jewish ghetto, a place full of history
  • See the huge dome of the Pantheon, the ancient temple in the center of Rome


Fully guided tour with lots of great information

Not included Bus tickets
Duration 4 hour
Participants From 2 to 15 participants
Opening hours 06/01/2018 - 30/09/2018 Mon Wed Fri Sat 12:30 - 16:30

Further information

Our guides will first take you to the spot where it all started- the Palantine hill. This is where the narrative begins. Rome is steeped in legend and mystery, but slowly the truth will emerge from the hazy tales of gods and godesses. After Romulus founds his city, things start to get really intense. Soon social upheaval gives birth to the republic, and Rome starts to really grow. Across six centuries, the Romans multiply and expand, crushing their enemies and spreading the ideas of the republic across countries and continents. Eventually, the wealth of a few is so staggering that the lives of millions are affected by the decisions of single larger-than-life characters. Silla, Marius, Caesar, Augustus, Nero, Trajan, Aurelius and so many more transform the once noble republic into the most decadent empire the world has ever seen. Golden palaces, mass-killings, betrayals, and deadly combat in the Colosseum in front of tens of thousands of people turn the story of Rome into the most dramatic story ever told.


Contropedale Via Palestro, 50, Roma, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy
Termini station
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