Yellow Square in collaboration with Eternal Eagles invite you to….RUN!!!

Take part of Every Damn Tuesday Run Class organized by Eternal Eagles:

it is a free training!


This session is thought to allow everyone to train in the best way. This is the reason why runners are divided into groups that depend on the speed level of everyone.


With the Eternal Eagles crew you will discover the city, train with a great family of creatives and face yoursolf.

Eternal Eagles created from a collective idea of a group of friends, Eternal Eagles “Track and Street Movement” strives to create a bridge between running and urban culture and between athleticism and creativity.
It is a vehicle to allow these diverse lifestyles to meld and to impact each other in new, creative ways.
They are not an official running society or a team of athletes; they are a group of people with a great variety of interests who gather to run and to share ideas. They train hard without holding back, they sweat, they have fun, they relax, and then they do it all over again.
You’ve never run before? It doesn’t matter – just bring your shoes and your own passions and you will discover how great sport can be. This is a big family: the Eternal Eagles!


Eternal Eagles sessions’ are free, open to everyone but limited.
To participate you have to click JOIN THE MOVEMENT and wait for the confirmation mail.


Only if you receive this email, you will be allowed to participate, this procedure must be followed in order to join our group.


Enjoy yourself!!

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